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Hytera Two Way Radios

Hytera two way radios are a hugely popular radio brand in the UK and beyond; widely renowned for combining lightweight ergonomic design with robust durability, making them an ideal communications solution for many types of businesses. Our extensive Hytera radio range includes all of the best-selling portable radios, both licenced Hytera radios and licence free radios. We stock everything from analogue radios full to multi-mode digital radios including the PDC-760 and the Hytera PD785 radio rich in functionality. We stock Hytera BWC's (Body Worn Cameras), repeaters, portable radio systems and software.

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Even in the age of smartphones, two way radios remain indispensable for many businesses. Hard wearing and reliable, yet extremely simple and easy-to-use, Hytera radios can be critical to the success of operations and events of all sizes.

CSE Zycomm’s range of Hytera hand portable radios are perfectly designed for the size-conscious user, with durability in mind. Many Hytera radios in this range are splash proof, making them particularly suited to outdoor use. Superior audio and background noise elimination features also make some of these radios ideal for noisy occasions. Our Hytera mobile radios are a truly flexible option, allowing for discreet installation in any vehicle. Some of our mobile Hytera radios feature in-built GPS, which is a popular option for estate and security operations.

Hytera repeaters offer the facility to boost your radio signal around the site or area you require. Our Hytera RD965 repeater is a compact choice, and comes with an excellent 24 month warranty. Finally, Zycomm’s Hytera software works seamlessly with your Hytera radios for enhanced dispatching and deployment from a central control centre. This software is popular for use in the transport, industrial and retail sectors.

We offer complimentary radio advice on the full Hytera range. A 5 minute discussion with our team can help us shortlist the right hytera radios for you.