Hytera Body Camera VM780

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Hytera Body Camera VM780


Hytera's VM780 combines a bodycam and PoC radio in a single device which enables real-time data and video streaming over 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, making this device an ideal companion for an demanding application particularly for security and delivers high-resolution images back to your control room in a safe and secure manner. This LTE-enabled body camera comes with a speaker microphone and supports all common broadband frequencies in Europe. This new product from Hytera has been designed especially to capture, store and share high-definition, 256-bit encrypted video, audio and image data in real time, ideal in time critical situations. Click the information tab below for more.

Product description

  • Built-in body-worn camera
  • Remote speaker microphone
  • Touch display, 4G powerful hardware platform

Features Overview

  • All-in-one device
  • 216-degree swivel HD camera
  • Video streaming over 3G/4G/Wi-Fi


To transmit real time HD video, the Hytera VM780 uses H.265 video compression technology to minimise transmission bandwidth with the key functions such as video recording andvoice recording controlled with just one button. Equipped with GPS/GLONASS positioning features, a powerful 3500mAh battery allows for up-to 9 hours of active operation for video, picture and sound recordings/standby mode of up-to 10 days, with the bodycam users able to operate the Hytera VM780 quickly and comfortably through the robust 2.8-inch colour touch display; this device offers all the important functions of a radio via push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC). From Autumn 2019, when the scheduled release of the highly anticipated new Hytera application solutions HyTalk and P-PoC6000, it will be possible to receive and place individual and group calls. The emergency button, when used, will trigger an alarm  at the press of a button in critical situations. With its PTT over Cellular (PoC) compatibility, it enables PoC app solutions to be used for optimum operation.

In addition to bluetooth, the Hytera VM780 can be used with the NFC module in scenarios in which tags have to be read, for example for information requests amongst other actions. The high IP rating of IP68 and the MIL-STD-810 G certification make this body camera an extremely robust companion for everyday use even in harsh environments.

"The Hytera VM780 bodycam is the new attractive all-in-one device with a built in body-worn camera, remote speaker microphone, a touch display, 4G powerful hardware platform, and high in security."

"The POC functionality in conjunction with the upcoming Hytalk and P-PoC6000 application solution is a real highlight."

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