Hytera Mobile Radios

Hytera mobile radios combine a slim and sleek design with a number of advanced user-friendly features. The end result is a versatile and scalable solution that’s suitable for almost any application. Because they’re lightweight and mobile, they’re perfect for large events and other temporary uses. But because they’re so robust and reliable, they’re also suitable for use in more permanent situations.

Every Hytera mobile radio in our range has been painstakingly designed to meet a different set of requirements, but these systems are so versatile that any model can be easily adapted to suit any application.

Models in our range include the Hytera MD655G, which just might be the lightest DMR mobile radio ever produced. Its incredibly sleek and compact design somehow manages to cram in a GPS system, a range that spans from 1W to 25W, a DMO true 2-slot, and an easy operation microphone with display. Its small size makes it perfect for a discreet installation in a vehicle.

We also stock the fully featured Hytera MD785G, the cost-effective Hyteria TM-600, and the powerful Hytera TM-610. All of these models are widely renowned for their superior audio, their advanced safety features, and their intuitive user-centred designs.

Whatever your communication requirements, we’ve got a solution to suit you. Yet we appreciate that it might be hard choosing the right equipment for your specific needs. So if you want to know more about our Hytera mobile radios, or if you’d like some advice on setting up your network, feel free to get in touch.

For a friendly chat with one of our communication experts, give us a call on 01773 570 123.

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