Hytera Repeaters

Hytera repeaters are essential bits of kit for all mid to large sized operations, as they enable radio signals to be transmitted over longer distances without suffering any degradation. Robust and reliable, these repeaters might be designed for use with Hytera radios, but they’re just as effective with any of the other brands in our range.

Each of these repeater systems is designed to meet a different set of communication requirements, but each offers a versatile solution that will suit most applications. Perhaps you need a dependable large multi-site cross country network system. Or maybe you wish to scale up your single site network. In any case, you’re certain to find something here to suit your needs.

Our range includes the Hytera RD625. This dual mode, analogue/digital repeater has its own built in power supply, and it also happens to be the smallest repeater on the market, which makes it the ideal choice for when practicality must take priority.

Then there’s the Hytera RD965, a portable digital/analogue repeater with its own mini duplexer that’s compatible with the DMR standard. Finally, we stock the Hytera RD985, which can be used to enhance the radio signal across your entire site. It also features a built in IP facility, enabling you to connect multiple sites up to 100 miles apart.

We appreciate that it might be hard choosing the precise repeater to suit your needs, so if you want to know more about our range of Hytera repeaters, or if you’d like some advice on setting up your network, feel free to get in touch.

For a friendly chat with one of our communication experts, give us a call on 01773 570 123.

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