Kenwood Repeaters

These robust and reliable repeaters might be designed for use with Kenwood radios, but they’re just as effective with any of the other brands in our range. Essential pieces of equipment for mid to large sized operations, they enable radio signals to be transmitted over longer distances without suffering any degradation.

Completely versatile, Kenwood Repeaters are suitable for all applications, whether you need a dependable large multi-site cross country network system, or if you wish to scale up your single site network. They’re particularly suited for use in the retail and industrial sectors.

Each of these repeater systems is designed for a different set of needs, but each offers a versatile solution that will suit most applications. For example, the Kenwood TKR-751 can be deployed as a 16-user group conventional repeater, a simplex base station, a full-duplex base station, or as the RF-core of a trunking system. Then there’s the Kenwood NXR-800, which features a scrambler and the ability to work in both analogue and digital mode.

It’s no exaggeration to say that, whatever your requirements are, we’ve got a solution to suit you. But we appreciate that it might be hard choosing the precise equipment for your needs. So if you want to know more about our Kenwood repeaters, or if you’d like some advice on setting up your network, feel free to get in touch.

For a friendly chat with one of our communication experts, give us a call on 01773 570 123.

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