Motorola Radios

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Motorola two-way radio and accessories.

Product description

  • Efficent
  • Professional
  • Reliable

Features Overview

  • Quality Communications
  • Feature Rich
  • Safety Features
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As well as being a leading distributor of Kenwood and Hytera two-way radio products, we are able to supply intelligent, flexible and high performance Motorola two way radios.

Efficient, professional and reliable, Motorola two way radios are universally renowned for their ability to deliver high quality two way radio communication solutions to every type of environment.

Implementing a two way radio system can help to dramatically improve communications and overall efficiency throughout your workforce, particularly if your team members are usually on-the-go or lone workers. For those working remotely or alone, Motorola two way radios can also help to keep them safe.

We supply Motorola two way radios and accessories to offer a complete communications solution. Take a look at our products by clicking the link below. You can then send us an enquiry or download a PDF to find out more.

Motorola have over 65 years’ experience in providing integrated two way radio communications, so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands when choosing Motorola products. They are widely regarded as the most popular manufacturer of business two way radios in the world. For seamless communications that are always dependable, find out more about our Motorola two way radios today.

Our Motorola two way radios are suitable for us in any environment, but if you’re unsure if this is the right product for you, call us on 01773 570 123 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in detail.


Interested in any of our products or services? Call a member of our sales team on 01773 570123 now or enquire below.

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