SAF Tehnika Microwave

SAF Tehnika Microwave

Zycomm provides affordable IP-based, PDH and SDH Microwave Solutions operating in both the licensed and license free frequency bands and providing throughput up to 366Mbp/s. Our wireless systems are commonly used for both public and private networks and they are perfect for voice and data communications.

Product description

  • Private or Public Network
  • Reliable - engineered to be reliable in all weather conditions
  • Perfect Voice and Data Communications

Features Overview

  • Flexible Solutions
  • Easy Install
  • Cost Effective
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What is Microwave Radio and who uses it?

Microwave refers to the technology of transmitting information by the use of radio waves. It is an alternative technology of connecting two locations or points. There are hundreds and thousands of microwave links deployed worldwide. They are used across all industries and market sector including:

> Healthcare

> Education

> Local Government

> Police Forces / Emergency Services

> Manufacturing

> Internet Service Providers

> National Carriers & Mobile Phone Operators

> Aviation

Applications for Microwave Radio

Microwave radio can offer a cost effective solution for elements most communication networks. Applications include:

> Telephony


> Internet Delivery

> LAN/MAN Extensions

> Video

Microwave radios provide a vast array of services depending on the type of customer. Examples include:

> Extending network coverage

> Providing internet access to office buildings

> Passing high quality video surveillance footage for the security sector

Key Benefits of Using Microwave Radio?

Fast Implementation

> Point-to-point links can be installed in a few days

> Direct access to building

> No wayleave requirements

Cost Effective

    > Typically cheaper as an overall solution

    > Much lower running cost than leasing fibre

    > Much lower implementation cost than new fibre

    Flexible Ownership

      > Hardware can be treated  as capital expenditure (capax) or operating expenditure (opex)

      > Units can be redeployed or upgraded if requirement change

      > You own the equipment


      > Engineered to be reliable in all weather conditions

      SAF: Benefits

        > Industry leading development times

        > Low power consumption <25W meaning solar/ wind power can be used

        > All outdoor solution meaning customers save on both capex and opex costs

        Microwave Radio Components

        > Outdoor Unit (OCU): The OCU contains the RF circuitry such as the transmitter and receiver. This is installed externally on a tower or mast and connects to the antenna.

        > Indoor Unit (IDU): The IDU provides the customer interfaces/ installed in customers premises for example - in a server room

        > Antenna - The antenna connects, typically, directly to the OCU and enables us to transmit our information to the far end of the link

        SAF Solutions

        At Zycomm, we can provide microwave links for SAF. SAF offer a full range of microwave products. The main being:

        >CFIP -108: Is an all outdoor solution providing up to 108 Mbp/s of capacity with Ethernet and E1 interfaces

        > CFIP - Lumina: Is an all outdoor solutions providing up to 366 Mbp/s of capacity with Ethernet and E1 interfaces

        > CFIP- Phoenix: Is a split mount solution providing up to 366 Mbp/s of capacity with a mixture of customer interfaces accessed via the IDU


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