SMC Gateway

SMC Gateway

A compact computer which interfaces digital radio networks with other systems. Send emails, open and close doors, get intruder alerts, react to fire alarms or call a mobile... all from your two-way radio!

Product description

  • Teleconnect
  • Alarm Handling
  • Dispatcher

Features Overview

  • Advanced Application Builder
  • Lone Worker
  • Run Multiple Applications such as GPS, Fire Alarm and Security System.
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Connects your digital radio system to any available telephone connection whether this is GSM, VOIP or VSAT.

  • Supports PSTN/GSM/VOIP connections
  • Access control/ authentication on inbound calls
  • Interactive voice responce menu, fully customisable and multilingual
  • Failover to alternative connections
  • Restrict outbound calls to known numbers and/or pattern matching
  • Call logging and voice recording
  • Radio text to SMS
  • Inbound calling to individual radios and groups
  • Outbound calling to pre-set numbers and free dialling

Alarm Handling

Connects to any alarm system, be it fire, intruder, nurse call or other systems via RS232/ hard wired input, enabling communication to digital radio networks, SMS messaging and email.

  • Flexible built-in options to customise actions and messages based on alarm input status
  • Intellgent interpretation of alarm output allows only the required data to be communicated
  • Direct connection to Hytera MD655 mobile radios
  • Direct connection to MOTOTRBO mobile radios (USB)
  • Direct connection to Hytera repeaters (IP/LAN)
  • Email via Internet or local server (SMTP)


A fully-featured and versatile stand-alone solution, totally browser based with no need for any installation or bespoke software. Provides all the means required to track and control DMR-based mobile, portable and fixed terminals.

  • Platform agnostic
  • Call logging
  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Short term history, up to 10,000 logged events
  • Custom mapping
  • Off-line mapping
  • Basic report of stored events
  • Call recording
  • Full history recording and archving
  • Geofencing
  • Extended off-line mapping
  • Custom control
  • Enhanced reporting

Application Builder

The advanced application builder provides you with a set of powerful tools to create and edit workflows, allowing you to convert your requirements into the perfect working solution.

  • Allows multiple systems to be connected together
  • Enables you to maximise your investment in digital radio networks
  • Flexability can add value to your communications


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