Advanced Vehicle Tracking Devices

Advanced Vehicle Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking for Business

At Zycomm we are able to offer a fully comprehensive range of vehicle tracking solutions, which could provide your businesses with many substantial benefits. To help you decide if vehicle tracking is for you we have listed these benefits below.

Product description

  • Compact and fully integrated device
  • IP67 Weather-proof enclosure
  • High Sensitivity GPS

Features Overview

  • 5 Years warranty as standard
  • Internal back-up battery
  • Simple and efficient reporting
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Whatever industry you are in (whether it be transport, construction, manufacturing or healthcare to name but a few), whether you have just a few company vehicles or a large fleet, vehicle  tracking solutions from Zycomm could provide your company with many substantial benefits. If you aren’t convinced that vehicle tracking is a solid investment for your business, we have gathered a few of the key benefits together for you to consider.

Vehicle tracking can ultimately save you money

·         By implementing vehicle tracking you will be able to reduce your fuel costs considerably by cutting down on unnecessary journeys and idle time.

·         Our vehicle tracking solutions leave room for a great ROI – for example, the save fuel alone would pay for this solution in under 6 months.

Vehicle tracking aids productivity

·         Our vehicle tracking solutions capture accurate data on the usage of your vehicles, meaning that you can get detailed reports of staff activity.

·         Even with your most trusted employees you will be able to track their activity enabling your team to make the best use of their time.

Tracking helps you to provide a better service to your customers

·         Providing a first class service to customers is key in any business. With the data collected by our tracking solutions, you will be able to get ahead of the competition by maximising the efficiency of your drivers.

Improve general health and safety with vehicle tracking

·         As a company you are responsible for maintaining sufficient health and safety standards for your employees. By monitoring vehicle usage and ensuring vehicles aren’t being used improperly for example excessive speeding you can maximise the safety of your drivers.

·         If you have employees that work alone or in groups in high risk situations or isolated areas, with tracking solutions you can significantly improve their safety.

Consider your carbon foot print with vehicle tracking solutions

·         Reduce your carbon foot print by decreasing unnecessary journeys by route planning and monitoring driver speed.

·         By reducing fuel consumption as a business you are taking the first step to making an environmental impact.

Greater foresight with vehicle tracking solutions

·         By implementing  a vehicle tracking device, you or your drivers can be quickly notified in advance of any up and coming traffic issues – enabling you to react quickly.


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