W3Z Wireless Broadband

W3Z Wireless Broadband

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Product description

  • Flexible Tariffs
  • 20Mb/s guaranteed speed service
  • Quality wireless broadband service since 2003

Features Overview

  • Online account management
  • Leisure, Domestic and Commercial Solutions
  • Local customer service

W3Z is based in Ripley Derbyshire from where it has been delivering a quality wireless broadband service since 2003.

Zycomm’s prime hilltop radio sites throughout the East Midlands allow our service to be transmitted around the region without the expense of using outside organisations masts and assets.

Our 20Mb/s guaranteed speed service is standard, NGA standards are available and in June we installed of first 1Gb/s wireless link for a customer. At the other end of the spectrum to satisfy all demand we are now offering a 5Mb/s and 10Mb/s unlimited service for those people in need of that (see price tariffs).

To see a full introduction on our W3Z service view our video


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