Posted on Sep 08, 2015

Beginners Guide To Two-Way Radio

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A beginners guide to two-way radio for business, written by a beginner. A straight forward, basic guide to two-way radio, the features available and the possible benefits to your business.

At Zycomm, we understand that within any busy team effective and reliable communications can mean valuable time and money saved as well as increased safety and security on-site. We know that communication within any business is key. We also realise that unless you’re naturally a technology wizz or you have had some experience of two-way radio communications before, it can be quite easy to become blinded by science. Being overwhelmed with masses of technical information is not going to help you on your quest to finding the best solution for you and your business.

Download the Beginners guide here -


Two-way radio for business - A brief beginners guide


  1. Why should I choose two-way radio for my business
  2. What can two-way radios do for me and my business
  3. Who will be able to use the equipment
  4. Where can I use the equipment
  5. What types of radio equipment are there
  6. What is this about needing a licence
  7. What features are available on two-way radios
  8. Analogue vs Digital
  9. Radio vs mobile
  10. What will it cost
  11. Where else can I go for information