Posted on 10 Dec 2018
About Zycomm Services Security

Is your communication Mission Critical?

Being able to communicate quickly and effectively can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. For many businesses today, good communication enables them to deliver the products and services they supply ahead of their competitors. In addition it helps their employees stay safe and provides…

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Posted on 08 Dec 2018
About Zycomm Services Security

Zycomm sponsors CSSC East Midlands Security Award

What is The CSSC? The CSSC stands for Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications. This organisation provides businesses with accurate, timely and authoritative messages and information; aiming to help businesses to remain as safe and secure as possible. Operating under charitable status The CSSC…

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Posted on 07 Sep 2016
Two-way radios Security

Security, service and the importance of two way radio

Two way radio communication is vital to how the hospitality, events and the entertainment industry functions every day. From food and drink service, to concerts, cruise ships and festivals effective communication devices play a huge part in the security and the smooth running of businesses.

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