Agricultural and Farming Solutions. Two Way Radios and CCTV Theft Prevention

Farming: Communication and Security Products

The rural and manual elements found in the agricultural sector create an assortment of challenges. Remote areas remain a real target for rising thefts . At Zycomm we don’t like problems, we prefer solutions, Picture Matt Lucas photography

Essential Wide Area Coverage through IPTT

IPTT PTToC wide area coverage solution with no costly infrastructure required. Technology includes handheld and vehicle options as well as tracking between multiple sites

Radio Systems for maximum multi-site efficiency

Radio communications example between two farming sites. Customer example as an approved supplier of Anglia Farmers. Zycomm specialise in rural solutions for agricultural efficiency and safety optimisation

DarkFighter CCTV Protects Yorkshire Farm Owner

Steven owns two farms in the South Yorkshire area. Each site consists of several properties, storage facilities and machinery vital to these two thriving businesses.