Radio Hire for Events and Engineering Support

Autumn Events

It's never too soon to start planning your Autumn and Winter Events. From safety at Halloween events to council run light shows we supply radios for hire into a vast array of food festivals, firework displays, Christmas markets and much more

Radio Hire for Events: Our Full Service

We hire Hytera and Kenwood radios for events across the whole of the UK. Ideal radio hire solutions

Radio hire for large scale events

We provide radio hire for large scale events including Christmas Markets and Firework displays. We can even offer engineering support for radio coverage. Hytera PD705LT are one of our most popular solutions for big events

Competitive Sport Trips

From scouts and brownie competitions, school sports and other occasions we offer a host of safety solutions for supervisors

Radio Hire for Cycle Events

We deal with many sporting events through our radio hire services such as the Penny Farthing World Record attempt in 2019

Radios for Family Events

Throughout the year we support many community officers, security staff, volunteers and event organisers with family events. The Learn to Fish event was run by non-profit conservation organisation PCFWW

Freshers Week Security

Working with universities throughout the country we know Freshers Week brings its extra demands with events and overexcited new students.

Licence Free Radio Hire for Small Events

We provide radio hire for events of all sizes including village fetes, carnivals, community days, graduation ceremonies, swimming competitions and more. The popular licence free Hytera PD505LF lends itself to small events

Two-way Radios vs Mobile Phones at Events

Some events simply couldn’t run without the use of two-way radios. From sporting events to music events, two-way radios are at the glue that holds everything together. Staff need to be updated on an incidents that happen, crowds need to be manage

Radio Hire: Quick communication in a flash

Hiring two-way radios is a great solution for companies looking for quick, secure communication with easy set up on a modest budget.