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Andy Bird – General Manager

The Challenge

The normal day to day running of the business saw those customers who would come in for food seating themselves (resulting in, in efficient use of table spaces) and having to queue at the bar to place orders for food. This resulted in the customer not having a great experience and a large amount of time being wasted.

Andy realised he needed to improve the experience for the customer, efficiency and sales. So he set about researching various solutions, in the end he came up with looking at radios, pagers and PDQ machines.

The Brief

  • To provide a two way radio communication solution that will allow communication in the bar and in the restaurant.
  • To supply a pager system to allow a meet and greet system
  • To provide a more efficient and effective solution to enhance the customer experience and increase productivity.

The Solution

We recommended the rugged, robust and easy to use HYT Power446, this compact radios offers instant communications at the touch of a button, whilst not restricting the user during their day to day duties.

We paired the radios with some discreet, covert ear pieces so the radio user had access to all communications without alerting or disrupting their customers dining experience. The higher IP rating of the Power446 meant that Andy was confident the radios would not have a problem with spillages on the tables and bar area. The pagers were an obvious choice so the customer could enjoy a relaxing drink at the bar and be seated by a staff member when alerted rather than have to find their own table.

The Outcome

When customers enter the restaurant and ask for a table, they are issued with a pager, they are then able to relax in the bar area and have a drink, we are able to set a tab up on the pager which is then transferred to the table once they are seated.

A regular occurrence is that a table of 4 would seat themselves on a table of 6, with the new paging system they are seated by our staff so we are able to avoid this and take control.

The food and drink orders in the restaurant are taken at the table using a tablet which is sent directly through to the kitchen, by having 2 way radios linking the kitchen staff to the restaurant staff, they are able to talk to each other for verification of the order, for example how did he want his steak cooking, we haven’t got peppercorn sauce, burger without cheese etc.

The kitchen staff are also able to ask the progress of the table from starter to main. This all happens behind the scenes as the earpieces make this very private, so you wouldn’t actually know it was going on. The kitchen can let staff on the floor know that food is ready to take out. We also have radios for our door staff which are integrated into the system in the event they need it.

Andy Bird the General Manager told us “As a result of the system being installed we have been able to turn our table over an extra turn each day. We have been able to distinguish that 85% of our custom comes from tables of 3 people or less, this allows us to gather intelligence when refurbishing pubs and when ordering furniture.

We have seen a 8.5% growth in food sales and we have predicted that overall we will achieve a 20% growth in sales in this establishment alone.

When we first contacted Zycomm, we were made aware that this wasn’t an off the shelf product that they supplied, but they sourced it for us, and we have had a great experience with the team at Zycomm

Andy Bird
General Manager, Slug and Lettuce

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