Two way radios and event hire for sports clubs and competitions

Cycling Events

Zycomm provide two way radio communication ideal for avoiding communication blackspots in rural areas, providing critical emergency instant communication. Read more from our Penny Farthing achievement

Everton Football Club

Everton first approached Zycomm over two decades ago to provide an efficient Two-Way Radio Solution for their stadium which has grown into a strong partnership over the last 20 years. In 2014 Zycomm upgraded Goodison Park to a Digital Radio System.

Alfreton FC

Alfreton FC rely on their radios to get through matches keep the fans and players safe. Their use of Kenwood radios around the stadium keeps swift communication between staff flowing efficiently.

Game Sports and Field Events

Locate users during events to keep track of their whereabouts. We supply radios with emergency features including man down, lone worker and an emergency button. Ideal for events over large areasand where land is susceptible to visibility changes.

Competitive Sports

For supervisors on trips for competitions for swimming and other competitive sports cost effective two way radio hire offers a smooth solution

Golf Communication

Wide area communication using two way radios provides instant communication avoids costly mobile contracts and no ongoing monthly costs. Radios also available on a hire basis. Send us a quick enquiry today