Universities and Schools

Top 5 School Radios

Working with our Zycomm school specialist we have compiled a list of 5 Hytera radios which can be used to maximise school communications with 5 separate scenerios. Contact us on 01773 570123 for bespoke advice.

School Competitions

Competitive sports are a great way for children to learn about challenges and team work. Two way radios add smooth effective communication for accompanying staff or events at your school.

Nottingham Trent University Case

The security team's main aim is to protect occupants and assets of the university through better communications

Are you ready for Freshers Week?

Working with universities throughout the country we provide critical communications to security and university staff making Freshers Week unforgettable in a good way

The Pingle Academy, Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Communication is key for schools to run efficiently, safely and correctly for their staff and pupils in attendance.

Derby Manufacturing College

DMUTC contacted Zycomm seeking a CCTV system that would help them manage and prevent vandalism and antisocial behaviour

Swanwick Hall School

Swanwick Hall School in Derbyshire, has 1000 students over secondary and six form education, with around 100 staff over the 10 acre site

Event Hire for schools PD705LT Highlight

A quick article explaining the popularity of the Hytera PD705LT for our school event customers

BD305LF Licence Free Option for Schools

The new BD305LF is a great solution for both school trips and small schools. This is a licence-free digital option so this can easily be bought in without costly licencing offering an ideal slim, lightweight option that can be easily carried.

#ActiveAte FareShare Campaign

#ActiveAte is a campaign to bridge the meal gap for school children in low income families during the school holidays

Security Tips for University Events

Top 5 tips for security teams looking to optimise their radio communications during university events for critical situations. Ideal for risk assessment for open days, new-build accommodation or Freshers Week preparations