Posted on Jul 25, 2016

Alfreton Football Club

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A case study of Zycomm's work with Alfreton Football Club providing an efficient security and safety solution.


Alfreton Town Football Club play the highest level of non-league football there is, which no other Derbyshire club has ever reached. 

The club has between 20 and 25 players, a manager, an assistant manager and a physio fitness trainer, however there are very little fulltime staff. They all come together on match days where approximately 20 stewards work with the safety officer to ensure safety throughout the arena. Before match days there is a meeting with local police to discuss intelligence about the forthcoming game, together with a risk assessment, and then the radios are used in order to implement the processes discussed and rolled out. John Glasby, Chairman tells Zycomm. “The day to day challenges we faced were that if we hadn’t got the radios we would really struggle to get through a match safely. from the fans arriving at the stadium, to first aiders getting to people in the crowd, to the fans leaving, we need to have clear communications in order to keep people safe.” 


  • To provide 25 radios to cover the stadium and surrounding areas 
  • To provide spare batteries for the event should a radio run out of charge 
  • To provide earpieces in order for the stewards to hear communications effectively 
  • To provide radios that can be quickly and easily charged 
  • To provide radios with a battery life of at least six hours 



After a weeks trial of the Kenwood TK3202’s the staff at Alfreton Town Football Club were happy that the radios worked well around all perimeters of the stadium and opted for 15 radios with earpieces. 


“With the radios, we are able to prevent potential problems. The fans know now that we are on the ball, so they almost understand that there is no point starting any trouble, because we react so quickly 

People who work at football clubs will know that trouble can start out of nowhere, if there are any medical situations our first aiders are able to get to the correct area of the arena to tend to that individual because communications are clear and concise. 

I really cannot remember life before radios at the club, and since taking over at the at the club as chairman, Zycomm have always supported us when we have needed them, turning around our repairs quickly. 

The customer service we receive from the team has always been brilliant and I would feel comfortable recommending them to colleagues and acquaintances”

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