Posted on May 11, 2018

Common Mistakes made by Two Way Radio users

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Two Way Radios are fantastic for businesses, security teams, event organisers, construction workers; the list of different industries and individuals that can benefit from using DMR communication solutions is endless. However, the benefits of Two Way Radio can only be seen true if the devices are being used properly and efficiently. It is very important that once devices are purchased, the people who use them are trained in order to get the most out of their devices potential.

At Zycomm we have put together five common mistakes that people usually make when using Two Way Radios which leads them to not fully experience the benefits of better, clearer communication. Learning the ways in which Two Way Radios are vitally important and can save a lot of money in the process.  

Talking Too Quietly
Users can often speak too quietly into the radio; normally without realising they’re doing so. This has, of course a huge impact on radio communication, it is always vital to be aware of your voice’s volume, to speak clearly into the device. This will make sure that your co-workers on the other end will be able to understand and correctly interpret your information.

Purchasing the wrong model
At Zycomm we have a huge range of different devices that suit very different environments and requirements, for example, some Two Way Radios are waterproof, some are explosion-proof and so on. It is really important that as a buyer you truly think about your own specific situation and why Two Way Radios are needed, giving us this precise information will help us get the best device for you and not one that won’t suit your situation.

Talking Too Quickly
Users can sometimes speak too quickly when communicating by radio, which not only makes it extremely difficult to interpret but also to digest what they are saying. Stressful situations can cause panic and be the cause of quick speaking, but this more than likely will cause a communication breakdown. Try to say less and speak slowly instead of speaking at a pace that’s hard to follow for your fellow workers.

Not doing regular Radio checks
Two Way Radios are extremely reliable and robust but for this to be consistent throughout their use, regular checks must take place in order to keep on track of their efficiencies. Features like battery life, volume, and functionality  

Interrupting Conversations
If using a Two Way Radio and someone is in the middle of speaking, do not try and transmit / talk over them. Always ensure that the person speaking has finished first before responding, this will allow communication to be a lot clearer for all parties involved.

If you require any more information about Two Way Radios and how to correctly use them get in touch with us at Zycomm today so our fantastic team can advise you. Call on 01773 570 123 or speak to a team member on our Live Chat service.