Posted on Mar 28, 2017

Facial Recognition CCTV from Zycomm

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Read about how Facial Recognition CCTV technology is helping shops and retailers in the UK overcome shoplifters.

The camera never lies…

CleverID CCTV cameras utilise market leading customer recognition algorithm to passively identify specific customers who enter your environment. Clever ID’s remote alert functionality enables you to respond and react instantly to a specific customer’s presence, directly to a mobile smart device.

CleverID can be tailored to your specific requirements and is highly useful for a variety of industry sectors including security, hospitality and retail.

Security Example

We are a UK retailer with almost 2,500 high street shops and we wanted to overcome two clear problems we were facing…

Problems Faced

Problem 1: How to ensure customers were over 18 years old?
Problem 2: How to reduce threats to staff and damage / theft to property?
I invested heavily in CCTV and staff training across my retail estate but was unable to reduce the constant pressure of shrinkage and property damage. My staff are heavily customer engaged and have to adhere to Government age checking of customers.


CleverID was deployed to monitor the entrance camera and check a national database of banned customers from previous CCTV recordings.
Automatic alarm notifications were provided to staff mobile phones and to a display screen behind the counter immediately as banned customer entered any shop across the country.
CleverID was also deployed to monitor the same entrance camera and notify staff to the same display screen application behind the counter if customer entering the shop was suspected to be under 21 years old.
Staff would then challenge customers to show appropriate ID and the challenge was logged on the mobile application for audit purposes.


I am now able to hit my KPI for challenging anyone under age before they buy and my CCTV is now proactive not just showing me recordings of who did the damage or theft after the event.

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