Posted on Feb 11, 2016

Lone Worker Safety With Two-Way Radio

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Two-way radios are now so much more than a device to talk on. Two-way radio can help you or your workers to be safer when working alone or in potentially dangerous environments.

It is estimated that over 6.8 million people within the UK are lone workers. During working hours employers have a duty of care, under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees. This includes their lone working staff or staff that work in potentially harmful environments, whether this be in a vehicle, out on a home visit, within a care home or out on a contruction site. An effective lone worker policy within a business can make all the difference to the overall safety of your team.

Lone Worker Safety With Two-Way Radio

Our quality two-way radios can now do so much more than transmit voice and data.  Some of the features available include  -

Be Safer When Working Alone

If you or your workers find yourselves working alone or in potentially harmful situations, at Zycomm we realise that effective, reliable communication is essential.

Emergency Button Press

This is usually configured as a long press of the orange button on the radio to reduce the chance of accidently pressing it.

Lone Worker Feature

LONE WORKER is a feature  which has two timers. Time 1 is a timer which resets each time the users makes a call or touches any button on their radio. Timer 2 is a pre alarm timer which starts an alert tone for a pre defined length of time. If the user does not cancel the timer by pressing any button on the radio then an emergency alarm will be sent.

Man Down

This option will trigger the EMERGENCY CALL if a radio is tilted at an angle greater than the configured gradient for longer that the configured time.


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