Posted on Sep 07, 2016

Security, service and the importance of two way radio

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Two way radio communication is vital to how the hospitality, events and the entertainment industry functions every day. From food and drink service, to concerts, cruise ships and festivals effective communication devices play a huge part in the security and the smooth running of businesses.

Picture the scenario: You’re at one end of a city centre club, there’s trouble taking place and the security is nowhere to be seen. Maybe you’re serving impatient diners at a busy restaurant and the meal they want is no longer available but no one told you? You might even be marshalling at a music festival but you’re needed elsewhere to help with worrying crowd control? What do all these scenarios have in common? They could all be solved with the use of radios. Toby Metcalf from Zycomm, the UK’s two-way radio experts, knows this better than most. 

Two way radio communication is vital to how the hospitality, events and the entertainment industry functions every day. From food and drink service, to concerts, cruise ships and festivals effective communication devices play a huge part in the security and the smooth running of businesses. 

Looking after security

Vigilance and security is one of the biggest issues facing the UK today and the ripples are felt very strongly in the hospitality industry. Nightclubs, music venues and busy bars are under increased pressure to guarantee the safety of their customers and not allow entry to dangerous or suspicious looking people. While CCTV surveillance plays a major part, radio communication is still a highly effective measure for coordinating security.

Discreet, lightweight and effective, two way radios guarantee a clear and instantaneous channel for all members of the security team.  Security personnel on the main entrance of a venue, can give and receive instructions from the management and other members of the security team without delay. Obvious? Of course it is, but having that clear communication line, where all members of staff are on the same page is vital, especially in busy bars and clubs.

It’s not a trivial subject for business owners either. Bars, clubs and pubs, that neglect security,risk police investigation or even losing their license. Public safety is a priority and two wayradio communications, that are effective in loud and challenging establishments, are a vital tool that ensure security. 

Leisure? Hospitality? It all depends on communication 

If we put security to one side for a moment, instant radio communication still ensures the smooth running of operations throughout the hospitality and leisure industry. Whether it’s a family run bnb, a large city centre hotel or at a leisure centre, two way radios ensure all staff are on the same wavelength. Good communication between staff isn’t something to be underestimated. The success of your business depends on customer satisfaction and that only comes from a smooth running operation.

Hotel guests need to feel that their requests are quickly catered for. Confirm room availability, coordinate restaurant and bar staff, ensure broken facilities are fixed quickly. All this while maintaining a discreet and professional appearance, can only be achieved with clear lines of radio communication. Two way communication devices also ensure guests feel relaxed in safe, secure and welcoming environment. When needed, security can be called instantly and discreetly, which minimises disturbance to guests and/or members. 

Two way radio communication devices aren’t just a trivial or optional accessory. For many businesses, they are vital, every hour of the day, in creating a professional and safe environment that guests and customers will continuously return to. 

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