Posted on Sep 26, 2018

Security and communications technology for the Farming Industry

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The rural and manual elements found in the agricultural sector create an assortment of challenges. Remote areas remain a real target for thefts which are currently on the rise. Add into the mix the related dangers of this industry, not often helped by the weather, and you have yourself a labyrinth of problems to juggle. At Zycomm we don’t like problems, we prefer solutions, so we’ve included just some of the ways technology helps with farming below.

Crime has risen in the farming industry

Thefts have risen significantly over the past year with machinery theft becoming particularly prevalent. CCTV is paramount as a deterrent, potentially salvaging equipment and helping to prosecute sophisticated criminals and prevent them reoffending. Silent triggers and ‘shop watch’ style systems can also be set up where farmers alert others of recent thefts to keep others vigilant in the area.

Health and Safety meets quick alerts

Agriculture is the riskiest industry sector which is where ‘Man Down’ and lone worker features on Two-Way radios can really come in handy. These alarm systems on the handsets can buy vital time where an accident has occurred and verbal communication is not possible. Radios allow warnings to be communicated in vital seconds rather than minutes.

Working with the elements not against them

Radios with high Ingress Protection offer a barrier against dust and dirt, an occupational hazard in the industry. Splash proof gear come in handy in the winter months.


Zycomm solutions for the farming industry

Hytera PD705 – Hand held two-way radio, IP67 standards, ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh environments, submersible with emergency features.

Hytera MD785 – Mobile unit for vehicles with large colour display and superior voice quality, a popular choice for estate and security operations.

iPTT – Push to talk over cellular: The solution to wide area / multi-site coverage by using a multi network sim card which allows access to all cellular networks.

CCTV – We offer cameras with day and night automatic switches. This clear security solution is particularly useful in the winter when the cover of darkness provides thieves with even more opportunities.