Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Swanwick Hall School

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Two-Way Radios are used in many different industries including education. This is a case study about the solutions we provided for local school Swanwick Hall.

The Challenge

Swanwick Hall School in Derbyshire, has 1000 students over secondary and six form education, with around 100 staff over the 10 acre site. “The site staff were finding it increasingly difficult to communicate over the whole site with analogue radios that they had been using for a number of years.”  Explained Steve the senior IT technician. After a site survey we found there was a lot of intermittent interference that was unexplainable. “The biggest challenge day to day was that the main site staff were out of communications and health and safety was becoming more of a concern, as they were unable to act quickly to emergency situations”. The main aim of having the communications was to keep all staff and student’s safe at all times, and with analogue this was becoming more and more difficult.


The Brief

  • To cover the 10 acre site without interference
  • To future proof the radio system
  • To provide 2 channels for separate departments


The Solution

After a weeks trial with Hytera PD705’S LT Swanwick Hall were then satisfied that the radios worked to the extremities of the site without interference. With the digital radios there was no need for any further equipment to boost the signal.


The Outcome

“We now have clear communications 99.9% of the time, and that 0.1% is usually user error. Our health and safety systems now run better and more effectively, meaning we can react quicker to situations, sometimes stopping them before they have begun” Steve explained, he continued to add “ Staff now feel more comfortable and secure that they have backup, when they need it, and overall we communicate better than we ever have, the support we have received from Zycomm has been tremendous, they ensured the radios would work on our site before we placed the order, and handled  all the relevant licences and paperwork on our behalf”

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