Posted on Apr 10, 2017

Two-Way Radio Export

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We offer export sales of our two way radio portfolio to Europe and beyond. Get in touch now for a quote!

Zycomm are pleased to offer a full export sales solution to Europe and many other countries. We supply Two-Way Radios from top manufacturers such as Hytera and Kenwood.

We have been providing Two-Way Radios, Walkie Talkies & Communications Solutions to businesses and security teams for over 35 years.  At Zycomm, we are driven by our strong emphasis on innovation, our passion for the work that we do and the experience that we have gained along the way. 

Why choose export from Zycomm?

1. We supply only the best Two-Way Radios from leading manufacturers used the world over.

2. Our products are suitable for virtually any industry. If in doubt get in touch to discuss your needs.

3. We price our products competively.

4. Zycomm offer a range of after sales support designed to get you up and running and keep you connected.

5. You choose the delivery option that suits YOU.


Looking to purchase Two-Way Radios? Browse our Two-Way Radios here then either contact us here or ring us on +441773 570123 to get a competetive quote.