Posted on Dec 08, 2017

Two Way Radio vs Mobile Phone

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Why you should consider Two Way Radio over its alternative, the mobile phone.

With mobile technology adapting and growing more powerful year after year, with 4G coverage at around 70% in Britain, mobile contracts supplied with unlimited minutes, and WiFi calling, this leaves doubt about the need for Two Way Radios at all. With this information and advancements in technology, the benefits of a Two Way Radio to a business still outweigh that of mobile.

Here at Zycomm Communications, we want to share with you some of the top reasons why our Two Way Radio communication solutions surpass that of mobile communication solutions.


One main advantage over mobile phones is the ruggedness and reliability that a Two Way Radio can bring to the table. Two Way Radios are purpose made and can withstand being dropped from a height or any bumps that come their way whilst on the job, and unlike most mobiles when dropped, Two Way Radios are less likely to smash or bend out of shape.

Multiple Connections

Two Way Radios allow their users to make multiple calls at the same time; great for communicating during times of emergency with many users. Making sure that one piece of information is relayed in a timely manner to the relevant people could never be easier. This feature is something that mobile phones cannot do easily or at the touch of a button; a mobile user has to make multiple calls to convey the same piece of information and as a result wastes valuable and critical time.

Network Security

Another feature that Two Way Radios have an upper hand on mobile in is its use of a private network. This allows Two Way Radios to use encryption, preventing eavesdropping, great for industries that possibly communicate to one another with sensitive, personal or confidential information such as education or healthcare. Mobiles use public networks which could be intercepted.

Signal Issues

Communication is vital for business; a common problem with mobile phones is its signal. Mobile phone signal can easily become jammed in busy areas, at events for example, as everyone in that vicinity will be using their own personal phone. This can cause disruption in communication between workers. Two Way Radio does not have this issue; it runs on its own signal allowing its communication to still run clear no matter how busy the environment it is in.

Noise Cancellation

In busy and hectic industries such as Hospitality and Event Security, workers can be trying to communicate in noisy and loud environments. Two Way Radios come with noise cancellation features allowing users in disruptive situations to filter out the loud noises around them helping the clear voice pass through. This is yet another feature that mobile phones cannot offer, causing communication to be disrupted if workers use mobile phones as an alternative.


For more information regarding the benefits that Two Way Radio can bring to your business contact Zycomm today on 01773570123 to speak to our expert team.