Posted on May 04, 2018

Two-Way Radios and the Numerous Benefits they can bring to your Business

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At Zycomm we pride ourselves on being able to help our clients and customers find a suitable and affordable communication solution that can improve their business growth from strength to strength. Two-Way Radios improve communication and can eradicate issues but there are also other benefits that come from having Two-Way Radios and consistent, reliable communication.

We have decided to put together three main benefits that your business could gain from choosing Zycomm and our solutions.

Saving Money
Firstly, Two-Way Radios are not only affordable but will also help your business save money in the long term. There are no monthly billed costs, no contracts to tie you down and no line rental needed in order to communicate with Two-Way Radio devices.

Health and Safety
Health and Safety policies are a huge importance for any business to run properly and make sure their staff is in a no risk environment. Two-Way Radios not only provide consistent communication but they can also be integrated with many different features including ‘Man Down’, ‘Lone Worker’, ‘Emergency button’, ‘GPS tracking’ and ‘Radio check’. Two-Way Radios also allow workers to communicate with each other all at once; if an emergency does arise in the workplace, it can be resolved through everyone being able to communicate a lot quicker and more efficiently.

Bad Signal
Relying on mobile phones can cause more problems than solutions, especially if your business is located somewhere with bad signal. Not being able to communicate with colleagues on site because of different mobile phone providers can be a pain and is a huge reason why Two-Way Radios are a benefit to businesses that suffer with this issue. Using radios eradicates the issue of bad signal, and the use of repeaters can also get rid of any black spots in the area. No more signal problems increases productivity of businesses; something that our solutions have been able to increase for our customers for over 35 years.

 If you’re interested in buying or hiring our Two Way Radios for your business or you want more information about the benefits that can bring call us today on 01773 570 123 or speak to us via Live Chat on our website.