Posted on Nov 09, 2016

Zycomm Launches Innovative Partnership with Pioneering Facial Recognition Technology Company

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We are proud to announce that we will be working with Customer Clever, an innovative technology company to offer our customers business intelligence technology that will genuinely impact their business.

Customer Clever is an innovative, total data collection solution that incorporates revolutionary CleverIntel, CleverID, CleverAccess and CleverPod systems to provide a business with the crucial business intelligence they need to operate effectively and maximise returns.

When combined these powerful products work together to collate important biometric data which can then be used to identify specific customers, provide invaluable customer insight, control site access and much, much more.

Utilising market leading, cloud based, customer recognition system, the Customer Clever suite of products work seamlessly together, providing businesses with invaluable customer insight and intuitive applications.
Whether it’s providing demographic marketing data through our CleverIntel product, identifying high value customers through CleverID, or opening doors with CleverAccess, Customer Clever has a customer recognition product that’s right for you.

The market leading algorithm simply requires a high definition camera feed either through a permanently installed CCTV camera or via temporary CleverPod. Products can be purchased individually or as a suite, using a single camera feed, to provide a range of benefits to your business.


The camera never lies…

CleverID utilises our market leading customer recognition algorithm to passively identify specific customers who enter your environment. Clever ID’s remote alert functionality enables you to respond and react instantly to a specific customer’s presence, directly to a mobile smart device.

The unique cloud-based CleverID CRM database holds the specific customer information and images, taking inputs either directly into the system or from an existing client database, and providing remote alerts to mobile devices and management information to an intuitive, live, on-line dashboard.

To find out more visit here or ring 01773 570123